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When Two Sides of Kerala Met on KeralaMatrimony

It had just hit 9 o’clock in his watch. There was no one to be seen on the dark, black road nor was there a single soul in the bus stop. It was just him, her and their silence screaming the unsaid words. Anujith and Anjushree were on their way back home from a friend’s wedding and were waiting for a bus. At that moment, Anujith felt her soft hand brush through and entangle with his, making an unspoken vow to never leave it.

“I will never forget that moment or that day when she held my hand for the first time. It was obviously romantic but for me it was extremely emotional too,” Anujith said recalling that precious day.

He always wanted a partner who is head strong, has her own opinions about things and hailed from North Kerala. He did find the girl he was looking for except that Anjushree was from South Kerala.

The first time he went to meet her, the first thing to pop in Anjushree’s head was that Anujith was this typical IT guy with geeky glasses. But when they got to talking she understood that he is the man she was looking for. “Although I was quite blank in the beginning, we didn’t take much time to get along. I was excited though to see where this was heading,” said Anjushree.

Since both belonged to different parts of Kerala, they had a mix of both cultures in their wedding. The mangalsuthra is tied differently in the North and South of Kerala. “My friends were tutoring me on how people from the Southern side tie the knot,” Anujith stated. The hilarious moment was however, when they tied the knot, Anujith literally pulled the mangalsuthra around Anjushree’s neck to check if it was properly done. Also appreciating the services he had taken from MatrimonyPhotography, he said, “We had our wedding photographs taken by MatrimonyPhotography and I must say they did a splendid job.”

If marriage has made Anjushree discover a different side of her that she was unaware of, it has brought Anujith great food, an organised life and a lifelong companion. Anujith also says, “My mother has found the daughter she never had in my wife.”

However busy they are, this couple makes sure that they travel to different places. They have already toured Spain and Lisbon, and also binge watch on Netflix, which is madatory.

“We do have our fights and differences but we know and respect each other,” the couple said.

Wishing Anujith and Anjushree many more memories together!

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