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We Saw Each Other Before… But Met Only Through BharatMatrimony

Anoop comes across as very forthcoming and why not? He claims to be so as well. “I am a very social person. I like being around friends, hang out and party with them.” But he is also a man with a plan. He says that he had a flowchart and wanted life to go according to that. “I wanted to meet someone first, be friends with her, fall in love with her, date her and then marry her,” says he. But his uncertainty about his plan and his parents’ insistence brought him to this online platform.

On the other side of the road was a cheerful, pretty girl named Deepthi, who had no idea what turn her

life will take when she registered on BharatMatrimony on the insistence of her cousin. But like any other girl, she also had a bucket list ready for her ideal life partner. “I wanted someone taller than me, well-educated and of course, good looking,” said Deepthi and giggled on her last criteria.

But isn’t it said that destiny lays out an unexpected plan already. Destiny made Deepthi and Anoop cross each other’s path and hence, their story began.

After they connected, Anoop and Deepthi started their conversations through social media and that’s when they got to know this. “We started off with chatting on Instagram, Facebook and only then we exchanged numbers,” Anoop stated. Deepthi added on, “That’s how we found out that we had mutual friends.” I was perplexed about this statement. What I got to know after that made me believe that matches are certainly made in heaven and films don’t exaggerate. Most importantly, Anoop’s story was going according to his plan. How? You shall know at the end just like I did.

I ask this beautiful couple about their first meeting and Deepthi begins saying, “We started off talking over phone calls and messages but we had to meet before proceeding ahead. We could only discover each other better when we meet and the most exciting part was we could date.” But I was inquisitive to know more and Anoop gave in, “Of course we chatted over phone but the thought of meeting her in person was making me nervous. When I caught the first sight of her, I was actually blank.” So who started the conversation first? “I was the one who broke the ice,” says Anoop.

For Anoop and Deepthi, every moment of their courtship was extremely special, whether it is Anoop’s text proposal or his birthday surprise for Deepthi. But the most precious moment of their love story was one during their wedding which Deepthi enlightens me about. “My most favourite moment of the wedding is when my father gave my hand to him and said she is yours.”

It was only towards the end of our conversation that they revealed the big surprise. Deepthi , the not so-cheesy person that she is, says, “Coincidentally we worked in the same organization and we had never crossed paths.” But Anoop revealed the crux of their story, “Our Company had a Diwali party and she was singing. That was the first time I saw her.” Was it after you connected on BharatMatrimony? “No, it was prior to that,’ said Anoop.

Anoop claims that he is a very filmy person even though he doesn’t come across as one. When I ask him what marriage has brought into his life, he says, “Marriage has made me responsible and now I think of ‘we’ more than ‘I’. Even at my worst mood, her ‘Namaste, kaise hai aap’ just brightens me up.” Who can say that he is not filmy now?

I end our conversation by asking Deepthi what she has brought into his life and she, very proudly says, “I think I have brought music into his life.” Then which song do you think defines your relationship? “Sunn raha hai na tu because that was the song I sang in that event where he first saw me,” says Deepthi.

We wish them a musical life together!

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