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Spoke to Her for 5 Minutes & Fell in Love : Gopinath

Gopinath and Uma, who make everyday a happy one for each other, give me a sneak peak into their story. Gopinath’s love for his wife is indeed magical. Read on.. 

Gopinath gets all excited to share his love story with us. I start the conversation by asking him as to what makes his story different from others? He begins, "The first call with her lasted for half an hour but it took just 5 minutes for me to fall in love with her." Woah! What made you think she is the one? "I felt so positive when I spoke to her. What makes our story different from others is that we met only on the day of our marriage."

That's interesting. I then ask Uma how she decided that he is the one? She says, "The way he spoke to me was so special. I became so comfortable with him and it just clicked." 

On asking Gopinath why they didn’t meet before marriage, he says, "As he was in the US, they couldn't meet." Even though they didn’t meet Gopinath made it special by taking the help of his sister-in-law and surprising his wife to-be. For what? He says, "It was Valentine's Day and I wanted to do something special. So I called Uma’s sister and asked her to buy a saree for her and keep it in her cupboard. I called Uma on Valentine's Day and instantly heard the excitement in her voice when she saw my first gift to her." How cute! Seems like Uma had something to add, “I was so happy seeing that saree. As it was his first gift to me, I wanted to make it even more special. I draped that saree and sent him a picture. Both of us were so happy.”

When did you guys meet? Uma says, “It was a day before our marriage that we met. We sneaked out of the hall and decided to meet on the terrace. There were a lot of things running in my head as my life was going to change. I was so excited to meet him after 6 months of talking to him over phone and video calls. He got me a red rose and chocolates. That feeling was so special.” Gopinath jumps into the conversation and says, “Uma surprised me with a bracelet which had our names on it. Her first gift to me is so special.”

If you get a chance to relive anything what would it be? Uma with full of excitement says, “It was my birthday few days after our marriage and I had never celebrated one before. Gopinath celebrated my birthday and that’s something I want to relive and do forever.” Gopinath had something to add, “Being her first birthday with me I wanted it to be a special one. So I decorated our entire living room and at midnight I shouted ‘HappyBirthday’. She was surprised yet very happy.”

How’s life after marriage? “Life after marriage is so amazing, better than what I expected it to be. My husband and his family are so supportive. My mother-in-law is the most amazing person. We both spend a lot of time together and she is just like my mother. Thank you BharatMatrimony for helping me find the perfect life partner and an amazing family,” concludes Uma.

Wishing Them A Lifetime of Joy and Happiness!

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