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Similar Family Values Connected Kushal and Me: Panchal

Kushal and Panchal met through GujaratiMatrimony and developed a great bond with each other. The beautiful lady has a piece of advice for singles who are looking for a life partner. Read on..

In this story, it was Panchal who made the first move. I ask her what made her think Kushal was the one. “First, I found Kushal’s profile to be quite interesting. From his description it seemed like he had all the qualities that I was looking for in my life partner. He was from the same profession and his values towards his family were similar to mine and so I sent him an interest.

He also had that spark and something about him made me want to know him more. Being a paid member, I could access his contact number and sent him a message on WhatsApp, and that’s how it started.”

When was your first meet? “Just two weeks after we started chatting, Kushal happened to come to Ahmedabad for his exams and when he told me about it, I was so excited to meet him. We decided to catch up at a very popular restaurant. Kushal had also mentioned in his profile that he likes places with a good view and that place was just perfect for our first meet. The moment I saw Kushal, I felt so nice. He made me feel so comfortable and after speaking for some time, it felt like I knew him for long. We had a great conversation about so many things.” When did you know that he is the one? “The day I met him, I knew it. He had that spark and charm. He also took keen interest in my career and motivated me. It just felt right.” That’s cute!

I then ask Panchal, if she gets a chance to relive one particular day again with him, which one will it be and why? “Due to our work we stay in different cities and just after 2 weeks of our marriage I had to get back to work again, away from him. After a month, Kushal paid a surprise visit. I was so happy that he was with me. He then asked me if I could pack my bags to go on a trip for a week. When I asked him where we were heading, he said it was a surprise and the next morning was just so crazy. After reaching the airport is when he told me that we were heading to Singapore. It was our first international trip together and I still remember how excited and happy I was because he had given me such a huge surprise. That one week with him is filled with lots of beautiful memories.”

One advice for singles who are looking for a life partner? “When you like someone try knowing each other. Try to build conversations and see how well you are able to connect with each other. Develop a strong bond and then decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. It is one of the most important decisions of your life and so you shouldn’t take it in a hurry.”

Wishing Them a Lifetime of Happiness!

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