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Niharika Sent Me an interest, I Got Interested: Anuvibhu

Anuvibhu and Niharika are one of those lovely couples who believe that spending time together can make a relationship strong. Anuvibhu has a beautiful message for his wife. Read on..

I start the conversation by asking Anuvibhu as to what he was looking for in his life partner? “More than a wife, I wanted a best friend and I found one in Niharika. She is simple, calm and beautiful.”

How did it all start? “I was going through the app when I got a notification from Niharika. She is the first girl whose interest I accepted. Her description about herself was short and crisp.

I found someone who is similar to me. I called her and started talking. We spoke for almost 2 hours and to be honest, I was already in love. I felt we would be compatible and I couldn’t wait to meet her.” So when did you meet her? “I had visited Delhi for some work and that’s when we decided to meet. I had already reached the cafe and I was excited but nervous as well. My eyes were glued to the door. The moment she entered the cafe I was taken aback by her beauty. I went blank for a couple of seconds when she came and spoke to me. Her cuteness and her expressions.. I was so in love with her. From knowing each other’s likes and dislikes to speaking about so many things to laughing out loud, we had a lot of fun.” Isn’t love really a beautiful feeling?

I then go on to ask the couple about one special memory from their wedding? “Our wedding was a grand affair as we are the youngest in our families. Our parents planned for a beautiful surprise for our varmala - a rotating stage and a flower shower. It was like a fairy tale wedding. Everyone around us said that we are made for each other and Niharika looked so beautiful. We danced together and that’s how amazing our wedding was.” Nice!

When asked about his take on marriage, Anuvibhu says, “Marriage is a journey filled with ups and downs and loads of emotions. Good understanding and a strong bond is what can make your journey together beautiful. I feel marriage completes you.”

“You are the most special gift of my life. Your smile warms my heart and your presence makes me feel complete. Thank you for always standing by me. I love you, today and forever,” concludes the handsome husband with a beautiful message for the love of his life.

Wishing This Lovely Duo Lots of Happiness!

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