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I Found Sophia within Two Months on OriyaMatrimony

Do you remember how you felt just before your board exam results were announced? There was anxiety, nervousness, butterflies in the stomach and excitement too, isn’t it. You were feeling all these emotions at once and were unable to sit in one place, right? Well.. Abinash was feeling the same way because it was his D-Day.

Remembering that very day, Abinash said, “For those few days, I used to lock myself inside my room and anticipate what will happen. I even took an off from work to think.” Those few days are how much time Sophia tool to say a yes to the man.

Abinash registered on OriyaMatrimony and found Sophia’s profile within 2 months, and instantly sent her a request. “She didn’t take much time to accept my request either,” he stated. The reason for her quick acceptance was Abinash’s bio which she thought was quite interesting. “I saw that most of our tastes were matching,” Sophia said. Not just tastes but both discovered that many more things were similar between them when they met in Sophia’s house. “I give equal importance to career and family. When I met Sophia, I came to know that she is a career oriented woman but family is also her priority. It was nice to find someone who has same priorities as me,” Abinash said.

It just took a couple of hours for the man to decide to spend the rest of his life with Sophia. But the time she took to decide was no less than an exam for him. While she took her time, they were, however conversing through texts and calls. “I obviously took a few days to decide and a couple of days later, I had fallen in love with Abinash,” Sophia said and giggled.

The lovely duo weren’t nervous about their marriage since they were talking and planning their wedding from the day both were engaged. As their big day approached so did Abinash and Sophia’s anxiety. “When we saw that our families were preparing for the wedding, that’s when it sunk in that we are getting hitched very soon,” the couple stated.

Every day after their marriage, they ensure to stay on the same page and believe in encouraging and appreciating each other. He claimed it to be true and stated, “My wife is an all-rounder. It’s amazing to see how effortlessly she balances both her professional and personal life.”

Abinash and Sophia believe that people should never pressurize themselves to make a relationship work. “Marriage is a beautiful institution. You need to embrace it with all its shades and live each day with your partner without any stress.”

We wish them a happy life with loads of love!

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