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I Found Nino Within a Month on KeralaMatrimony : Abilash

We all have a child within us, however old we grow. There is some innocence, simplicity and a little pinch of mischief hidden somewhere within us that we tend to forget. But Abilash and Nino, here, have kept alive the child inside them.

“We differ in many things. Even when it comes to photo selections also, she posts the photos where she looks good but I should also look good right?” laughs Abilash. He was not in a rush to get married when he registered on KeralaMatrimony but after a month when he got a request from a girl named Nino, he was compelled to change his decision.

“When we spoke for the first time, I think it wasn’t less than an hour before we disconnected,” Nino said. Through their conversations, she got to know that they worked in the same city. By the time they decided to meet up, Nino says that they had become good friends. “Yes, we had. In fact we were looking forward to meet each other,” he stated. Abilash loves conversations, especially when the other person has a lot of interesting experiences to share and Nino was exactly that.

Both Nino and Abilash took their time to decide if they were compatible with each other. “He took more time than me,” Nino giggled. Eventually, they had to say a yes, considering they had started liking each other’s company. “He seemed very genuine and it is not that easy to find one, is it?” Nino was so impressed that he always believed in respecting one’s space.

Having had two different styles of weddings, Nino recalls that she wasn’t worried about marriage itself but about the preparations of it. “I took time to plan my make-up, videography, my wedding gown and other things. I wasn’t nervous about getting married because he had always made me comfortable.”

Marriage has brought an organized schedule into his life because he said, “She ensures that I follow a proper schedule. Now I eat and sleep on time.” For Nino, Abilash has brought immense encouragement and motivation because she says that he never fails to empower her in every situation.

They love social gatherings and are a huge fan of Malayalam movies but they still say that they are very different from one another. “I am a person who eats less but he is a foodie,” said Nino. When one lacks in something, the other fills in the gap and that is why they say opposites attract.

Abilash ends his story with a secret that both of them religiously follow, “Whichever situation you are in, you should be polite to each other. It doesn’t cost even a penny to be polite. Believe me, it works and everything just gets sorted.”

Wishing this lovely couple a life filled with innocence and mischief!

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