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I Found My Perfect Match in 2 Months on BengaliMatrimony: Eliza and Sarbartha 

Isn't it said that sooner or later, things fall into place? Well, they certainly do. But sometimes, things just fit right in, especially in relationships. It is like two strangers were living the same life but weren't acquainted with each other. So was the case in Eliza and Sarbartha's life.

Sarbatha was in London and Eliza in India when she saw his profile on BengaliMatrimony. "Well... The first thing that caught my eye was that he was indeed very good looking and he had described himself as someone whom I was looking for. The reason for contacting him first was this," Eliza said

Their first call that lasted for more than an hour sort of proved there was a connection. "The coincidence here is that my family has a fascination for the teaching profession and she turned out to be a teacher," laughed Sarbartha. There were a few more long conversations before he came down to India to meet her and everything fell into place right on the first meeting. "It was nice to know that both our family values were alike and a notable fact was that we had a similar upbringing too," said the man and further confirming his statement he said that their first meeting seemed rather like a get together.

Since Sarbartha and Eliza were living in two different parts of the world, they preferred to have a longer courtship to understand each other better. "In the initial stage of any relationship, the two people involved try to be perfect in order to impress each other. But that eventually fades as they get to know each other, which is why I think long courtships are essential to understand one another," Eliza pointed out.  

The long distance brought with it happy moments and disagreements too, but according to the duo, it helped in strengthening their bond. Even though it's more than a year to their wedding now, Sarbartha and Eliza claim it still hasn’t sunk in that they are a married couple. "It still comes as a surprise to us that we are man and wife. All this while, we have lived each day as friends," she laughed.

Eliza claims that her husband has now become her comfort zone. What she admires is the little gestures he does to express his love. And love, she says, is unconditional. "All these gestures might fade away someday but what remains is love. When you love, love without conditions," Eliza concluded. 

Wishing Eliza and Sarbartha a splendid life together!

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