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I Connected with Abhijith Because of Our Similar Interests: Abitha

Imagine you are in a new place surrounded by new people. While talking to them, you find that one among them shares similar perspective to things as you do. It is like you want the same things. You feel like you have found your soul mate, don't you? Abhijith and Abitha felt the same way when they found each other.

Abhijith was registered as a free member on KeralaMatrimony when he had come across Abitha's profile. "I really liked her profile and had shortlisted her. Then I turned into a premium member and immediately sent her a request," he said.

When Abitha received his interest, the first thing she noticed was his photo. It was quite evident that she did not take time at all to accept his interest because Abhitha giggled when she said, "I was literally flattered when I saw his photo. He looked charming and his smile was very cute."

It was after they interacted that both found out that they were similar in all possible ways. "She wanted to start a farm someday. I was so happy to hear that because that was my plan too. I thought that we might be quite different from one another too but when she told me about her plans, it felt like I was seeing a mirror," Abhijith said. They match in so many ways that one would wonder if the saying ‘made for each other' is literally true. Both love mathematics and travelling too.

Their tastes were so much similar that their names start with the same alphabet. It isn't a surprise either that Abhijith liked her even before meeting. "We chatted for a couple of weeks before meeting and I was quite sure by then that she is the one for me. Although I did want to meet her," Abhijeeth stated. Their first meeting and the meetings after that happened in her college which will forever remain close to Abitha's heart. She said, "I can never forget every single moment I spent talking to him in my college."

Everyone around Abitha told her that marriage changes everything but she does not feel any difference at all. In fact according to her husband, she did not even cry while leaving her house. "Nothing has changed. He is the same as he was and I am in a happy place now. In fact, I get more care and support from him, he discusses with me about everything. What more can I want?" Abitha said.

While nothing has changed for the lady, Abhijith says life has taken a whole new turn ever since she walked into his life. "I have many friends but my wife is the best friend I never had with whom I can be myself without pretence," said he. They might have may dreams to fulfil individually but have one dream that they want to live together, to see every country together and finally settle down in a far off village and farm.

We wish Abhijith and Abitha a life full of love, laughter and dreams!

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