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How Swarnendu Found Love on BengaliMatrimony

“I am a little hesitant to open up to friends, colleagues, sometimes family and definitely to strangers.” This is commonly heard from people who call themselves introverts. Do you know that these people may not be comfortable socializing with the outside world but they always have one person in their lives who they share every detail with. Mondira and Swarnendu found that person in each other. 

Swarnendu and Mondira are both not very comfortable talking to strangers. Both of them had trembling hands and rapid heartbeats when they came face to face. Then how did their journey accelerate to what it is today?

Mondira could feel her stomach crunch and anxiety fill her lungs the moment she caught the first sight of him but she could also sense gratification as though she has just got what she was longing for. Swarnendu who was having the same nerve wracking feeling, somehow found the strength to start the conversation. What started as a small introduction continued for so long that they did not even realize when they were hitched for eternity. 

Both of them claim that they are introverts but Swarnendu still says that they are quite different. “If we are similar in some ways, we are different in most ways,” he said and adding to this, his wife said, “What is common between us is both of us like exploring new places together but I like the sea and he likes the hills.” There are other things that they are opposites in but whatever they do, Swarnendu and Mondira ensure to do it together. “We find happiness in each other’s company,” said the couple.

The man might be an introvert to the outside world but if there is one person with whom he can talk without filters, it is his beloved wife Mondira. “Both of us are hesitant to socialize but we are most comfortable with each other,” said he and his wife is in full agreement because she said, “He can literally understand what I don’t even speak. It’s as if he is able to read what I am thinking.” Well.. this is solely because their mind and soul are intertwined and this is what Mondira calls Monneyer Milan.

It is rightly said that some people find a friend in their partner, some find love and people like Mondira and Swarnendu find solace in each other.

Wishing them a soulful life together!

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