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Found My Dream Man within 2 Months on BengaliMatrimony: Sampriti

What attracts you more? Looks or voice? Dressing sense or talking style? Hobbies or Habits? Everybody has their own definition of attraction. For Suman, it was their conversations and for Sampriti it was Suman himself.

Sampriti says that the first time Suman had come to visit her, he was very shy to talk. So she took the first step. “I remember very clearly that when we sat down for a chat, he wasn’t speaking at all. Instead I broke the awkward silence and started the conversation,” said she. Sampriti was surprised by this gesture of Suman because they were

constantly talking, first through the BharatMatrimony site and then through WhatsApp as well.

But Suman found her to be so charming and adorable right on their first meeting and loved talking to her. “She had so much knowledge about culture and art that it always felt inspiring to talk to her,” Suman said. After that they spoke so much that they did not realize how time flew and the day arrived when they were to get engaged. “Suman always seemed so shy and quiet that I had never expected anything filmy from him. But what he did on the day of our engagement was quite startling,” Sampriti said.

He had arranged the entire ceremony for his lovely wife to-be and also confessed his love during the ceremony. But this was just the first of many surprises Sampriti had got. There were many others that were yet to come and the most significant one was Suman’s principles. 

Their conversations were so intense that it escalated to love in no time, so much that Suman and Sampriti were waiting to get married. “We were literally counting days to get married and begin a new journey of love and friendship,” said Suman.

Suman, as Sampriti claims is very generous, patient and composed. But he is also the man of principles who understands his better half’s unspoken words. “As much excited as I was to bring her home forever, I had not forgotten that she was leaving her home to a new world. So it was my duty to make her comfortable and give her immense time to adjust and feel at home,” Suman said to which his wife added, “I truly appreciate him for standing by me at all times. He is my guide, my friend and most importantly the love of my life.”

Suman and Sampriti are living each day at a time and if there is one thing they want to do together, it is living life together forever.

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