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Distant Relatives Meet on OriyaMatrimony

While climbing up the hills, there are chances that you might lose balance due to the steep stairs and slip, which is why there are rods on the side to balance yourself and keep going forward. Isn't that how a relationship works too? Both partners need to balance each other at every step in order to have a happy life.

Truptida says that maintaining balance in marriage is crucial. "If there is no balance between you and your partner, it is difficult to manage the relationship all by yourself," she states. She claims that her husband, Amit manages everything when she is not around.

"Whenever I fall sick or am unable to do something, he does it. It is like one fills the empty spaces of the other and that is what a beautiful companionship is," she says. 

She was a premium member on OriyaMatrimony and that helped her connect with Amit in not more than two months. "We found out after connecting that we are distant relatives," says Trupida.

Amit says that he really got to know her only when he met her and their courtship really helped in strengthening their bond. "We had a very short time before marriage to understand each other, but it sure helped a lot," he pointed out. But there was a reason why both did not get so much time with each other. "Well.. since we were distantly related and our families knew each other, it was a little faster than it should have been. However, we utilized all the time we got. We usually met after office to spend some time together," Truptida laughs.

In Amit's words, you only get to know the person inside out when you live with them and certainly, marriage has turned out to be marvellous for both. "It indeed is. It feels nice to have someone to come back to and I know that I have his support always," says she. Both Amit and Trupida love their career but also know how to balance their personal and professional lives. They even have a goal that they want to achieve together. "We both are ambitious and our goal now is to grow together in our careers, and we will keep encouraging and supporting each other until we get there," concludes a happy Amit.

Wishing them a marvellous life together!

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