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Abijith and Kanchan Got Married Within a Month After Meeting on BharatMatrimony

It is not easy to find someone similar to you. When you have found the one, you hold onto them like a treasure. Kanchan and Abijith connected through BharatMatrimony and soon realised that they are meant to be together. “At first, we started conversing through chats and came to know that we both have a lot in common and that led to our first meet,” says Kanchan.

A determined Kanchan was very specific about her expectations and she found everything in Abijith. She says, “I was very curious to know him better. The very first thing which impressed me is, he is a spiritual person. Though I was not very particular about it, it made our conversation more interesting and lively.” Within few days after their first meet, they decided to get married. “She is exactly the kind of person I expected. We both are from conservative families and have similar values. We wanted to start our life together soon and our wedding was held within a month,” says Abijith.

When I ask about one memorable moment, they both unanimously say it is their first movie date. “Our marriage was nearing and we both were busy in the wedding preparation. In the midst of everything, we took time for ourselves to watch a movie together. We opened up a lot on that day and those conversations made us feel closer,” says Abijith.

As planned, they both had a beautiful wedding ceremony and the couple flew to Goa for their honeymoon. Abijith says, “I was bewitched by her beauty. Listening to the medley in the restaurant, I took her hand to dance. Our first Diwali was romantically spent dancing together by the beach.”

The lovely couple make each other’s birthdays special by exchanging gifts. “I was always fond of rings. When Abijith gifted a ring, my happiness was doubled,” says Kanchan.

Concluding the conversation, Abijith shares his view on marriage. “Everyone needs someone to rely upon. Marriage is a beautiful institution that made everything happier in my life,” he concludes.

Wishing the lovely pair a wonderful life together!

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