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Anand Made the First Move Sudha Responded in No Time

Change is the only constant in life and is inevitable. In the course of life a person faces many changes, some minute ones and some life-changing ones. There’s no way of getting out of this, but to enjoy the perks that come with it. With every new stage in life, you have to give up on some things but you also get to enjoy the many different things that the new life brings with it. One such big transition in the life of a person is marriage. After growing up in the comfort of parents or living alone for education or job, it surely is challenging to stay with a person in the same house, wherein the couple is responsible for managing the entire house.

Marriage brings about a lot of good things in the life of a person but it calls for a lot of adjustments too. Let’s take a look at how life took a drift after marriage for Anand and Sudha who met on BharatMatrimony.

Anand starts the conversation, “I was self registered on BharatMatrimony and was looking for a girl who matches my expectations and that’s when I came across Sudha’s profile. She looked very pretty in her pictures and she seemed to be an honest person from her description, which got me really excited in getting to know her more, and so I immediately sent her an email with my details requesting her to respond to it if she was interested and in no time I got a response from her. That’s how we connected.”

Sudha begins, “My sister registered my profile on BharatMatrimony and when she received an interest from Anand she immediately showed it to me. I still remember the moment when I felt he probably was the one and accepted his interest. I instantly responded to his mail too as I found it very respectful of him to send an email to get to know me.”

The day after engagement

The couple was exhausted after their engagement ceremony and that’s when Anand surprises her, “We both were really tired but Anand insisted to meet him the very next day. I was wondering what is so important but anyway went to meet him. As decided we met the next day and the moment we did, he held my hand and proposed to me. I was taken aback for a moment. It really was a wonderful surprise. I will always remember it forever,” says Sudha. Anand adds, “I wanted to propose to her on the engagement day itself but I could not and so I did it the very next day. I really wanted to express how I feel and I am glad she was happy with my proposal too.”

The first flight experience..

When I ask if Anand has done something special for her, Sudha begins, “I had never travelled in a flight and I always wanted to but wasn’t willing to go alone, at least not the first time. Once during our conversations, I had just mentioned this to Anand. One day, he suddenly called me and told me it’s an emergency and to come to the airport immediately. Completely worried, I hurried up and reached there as fast as I could. When I met him, he showed me two air tickets and said ‘We are going to enjoy your dream.’ I had tears in my eyes that he planned such a lovely surprise for me.” Anand adds, “This is what my wife wanted and I was hell bent on making it happen for her and so I did. I just want her to enjoy life and seeing her this way makes me happy too.”

Marriage is..

Anand says, “Marriage is a beautiful experience with the right person. The most important thing is to be understanding towards each other in good and bad times.”

Sudha says, “I am enjoying being a wife because I have the best life partner.”

Wishing the couple a wonderful year ahead!

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