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A Love Story Begins in a One-Hour Long Call

We have heard of love at first sight but have you heard of love in first phone call. Well, here we have the story of a man who fell in love with the girl in the first call itself. It’s amazing how he decided that she is the one the first time he spoke to her itself. But as they say, if you are destined to be with each other, it will definitely happen.

Their sweet and simple love story will make you believe that love is a beautiful thing. Read on..

Abhimanyu, even before meeting Pawi was sure about her. The first call with her itself made him realize that she is the one.

But, how did he express his feelings for her? The handsome Abhimanyu starts, “Our first call was on 12th of July.” Pawi jumps into the conversation and says, “We spoke for almost half an hour.” She says that remembers every bit of their first call. “Soon, I travelled to Singapore and because I was sure about her, without thinking anything further, I got her a ring from Singapore.” Aww! That’s so cute! When did you give it to her? I ask curiously. Abhimanyu, with so much of enthusiasm, says, “In September,which was our first meet. I went to Ranchi, to meet the love of my life. I went to her house, and we had breakfast together. Her parents were just like mine. I felt so comfortable talking to them. After a heavy breakfast, we decided to go for a movie. We both are movie buffs. After this, we went to rock garden and that is when I gave her the ring.” How did she react? Pawi, spills the beans, “What happened there was out of the world. He went down on his knees in front of so many people, which I wasn’t expecting. He took out a ring and proposed to me for marriage. He held my hand, looked straight into my eyes and asked, ‘Pawi, will you marry me?’ And without a second thought I said Yes! He slipped in the ring and hugged me, and I was in tears of joy. Even though it was our first meet and I was overwhelmed with his proposal so soon, it just felt right. Deep down I was sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him.” Aww, That’s so cute!

I ask Pawi, is there any moment from your wedding which you want to relive? She replies, “I was so nervous on the day of our marriage. When I stood in front of him for varmala, I was still nervous. But the moment I looked into his eyes, everything felt so perfect and he looked so handsome. That is the moment I want to relieve.” Their love just seems boundless.

Wishing This Lovely Couple A Lifetime Full Of Joy And Happiness!

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