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M5629374 | Praveen Kumar M & Jayachitra N
Location : India   /  Marriage Date : 17-Feb-2019
I met her in Tamil Matrimony. Since she was from my native I was extra interested in her. As I wished, she accepted my request. We started chatting in Tamil matrimony. We continued in Instagram, then it got promoted to WhatsApp and there it grew faster. The interesting part was my profile was created by self and hers too. We both didn't let our family know about this match until we are sure about we both liking each other. We liked each other. Now, the twist in the plot is, the girl's side family were not ready to accept me as they are not very much aware or used to this matrimony culture. Then we had to fight for it. We fought for longer time in girl's family. Finally when Chitra said if at all she needs to marry, she will marry only Praveen. If not she won't marry at all. Then they came down little bit from their ego and interviewed me. Once they were 50% ok, they asked me to come and meet alone with family. We met and there they are impressed and from there parents took the responsibility from our hands to theirs. Big thanks to Tamil Matrimony to make us meet. Now the question is, Will this be called as Arranged marriage or Love marriage!? :D